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Ad Hoc Agreements

Start An Ad Hoc Consortium Agreement

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  1. Start an Ad Hoc Agreement by completing the student section.
  2. Send a copy with completed student section to your visiting school and YSU advisor.
  3. Ensure the YSU Financial Aid Office has a copy of all three completed sections.

Ad Hoc Consortium Agreements allows YSU to include your credit hours from multiple schools when we calculate your financial aid eligibility. Once you have registered for classes at both your home and visiting school you should start the Consortium Agreement application process. Once the completed form has been received by YSU’s Financial Aid Office your financial aid will be disbursed based on your enrollment at both schools. All financial aid will follow the regular YSU financial aid disbursement schedule regardless of your visiting schools billing due dates. Additionally, any excess financial aid will not be transferred between schools and it will be the student’s responsibility to use any student aid refund from YSU to make payments at the visiting institution.

Academic Advisor – Ad Hoc E-sign

Visiting School – Ad Hoc E-sign

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